About Us

Book Point was established in 2006 by a team of experienced and passionate book-sellers to provide both retail and distribution services in Singapore and South-East Asia.

Since its humble establishment and beginnings, Book Point now holds over a half-million titles in wide range of subject areas for customers of all ages, levels and interests. From educational resources to recreational reading materials, Book Point strives to bring the community closer to Knowledge.

Our company and staff work towards connecting the right book with the right customer while ensuring affordability and efficiency. Be it story books for children, academic books for teachers and students, technical books for professionals and general reading books for all, Book Point strives to bridge this connection. Over 30 categories of books - Engineering & Science, Fictions, Classics, History, Politics, Language, Children, Dictionary, Philosophy, Humanities, Arts, Travel and more - under one roof in Book Point.

Book Point is now focusing on creating a robust online bookstore to ensure convenience and efficiency.